7 Spring Must Do’s in Kansas City

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Children's Fountain in Kansas City

fountain Basin

1. Appreciate ART

Visit the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art for world-class art exhibits, an outdoor sculpture garden, and one of the city’s most unique mini-golf 9-hole game… and GUESS WHAT? There are several FOUNTAINS there too!  In fact, the oldest fountain in our city, The Fountain Basin was purchased by the William Rockhill Nelson Trust in 1931 (2 years BEFORE the museum opened) from a Roman Art Dealer, named Ugo Jandolo. Made of Cipollino Marble and dating back to 200 A.D., this beauty sits in the center of Roselle Court.

Laura Conyers Rose Garden Fountain


Take a walk or bike ride through Loose Park for beautiful gardens and nature trails – Jacob L. Loose Park is an integral piece of Kansas City’s storied history, spanning 75-acres and serving as the site for one of the Civil War’s most pivotal battles – The Battle of Westport. In October 1864, a staggering 29,000 soldiers clashed in what was William Bent’s property at that time; a man who had formerly led wagon trains and traded with Native Americans.

In 1871, Seth Ward acquired the property after William Bent’s passing. A mere quarter century later, a collective of people who had once been members of a golf club near Hyde Park cemented The Kansas City Country Club as an official entity and leased part of Seth Ward’s estate to be used as their very own golf course – all for merely one dollar plus taxes per year! This land would eventually become Loose Park in 1926 when Ella Loose purchased it from Hugh Ward (son of Seth) to commemorate her late husband Jacob – founder and businessman behind familiar Sunshine Biscuits products. As such she graciously gifted the newly christened parkland to the city in 1927.

Today, you can stroll the trails, view the war monuments, picnic on the lakes, and admire the gorgeous Laura Conyers Rose Garden, where of course…there is a fountain!

Kauffman Water Spectacular at Royals Stadium

3. “Take Me Out to the Ball Game”

Catch a Royals game at Kauffman Stadium and enjoy America’s favorite pastime – who doesn’t love a good baseball game with friends & family?  Kauffman Stadium, or “The K” is one of the most beautiful stadiums in the country.  Not only is it home to the 2-time World Series Champions Kansas City Royals, but it is also home to the largest privately owned fountain in the country, The Water Spectacular.  The 322′ wide fountain wall follows the natural curve of the outfield wall and is composed of wings on each side of the scoreboard. Interestingly, the wings are not symmetrical in size with the east wing being considerably shorter. This is due to the Sports Authority’s anticipated event of hosting the 1973 All-Star Game and the space was earmarked for extra bleacher seating. Go check it out!


Henry Bloch Fountain

4. Explore the Fountains

Kansas City is home to the second most fountains in the world (Second to Rome, Italy!). Fountain Day, an annual Springtime tradition is the second Tuesday of every April and when all the fountains burst forth again to show off their gorgeous beauty. So why not take advantage of Kansas City’s most glorious treasures and book a fountain tour!


Kansas City Patios


5. Git’ in My Belly on the Patio – KC Style

Kansas City is stocked full of great local restaurants serving up some amazing food! I’m not a food blogger, so I’ll just leave this right here… Kansas City’s best Patio restaurants.

Pomona Fountain at Country Club Plaza

6. Celebrate 100 Years

Opening in 1923, the Country Club Plaza is celebrating its 100th year of providing family traditions, shopping, and excitement to visitors and locals alike.  In fact, it is estimated that 15 million people visit the Plaza every year.  Get your Instagram-worthy shots at over 15 ideal spots, hunt for bunnies in the annual Easter Wonderland, and shop and dine to your heart’s content. And…of course, there are FOUNTAINS – Lots of them!


Kansas City Power and Light District

7. Get Your Party On!

Located in the heart of The Kansas City Power & Light District and just steps away from T-Mobile Center, KC Live! is an entertainment mecca offering something for everyone. From world-class restaurants to pubs perfect for late night celebrations, this vibrant district has it all year long – concerts and festivals galore plus watch parties where you can cheer your team on with friends old and new. Come experience amazing events only at KC Live! And to make it easy…hop on the KC Streetcar, it’s free and provides an alternative to parking.


Do you have other favorites?  Let us know in the comments, we love all things KC!


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