Kansas City Fountain Tours is a natural progression of my love of fountains. Moving back to my beloved city after 25 years in the deserts of Phoenix, I quickly rediscovered the beautiful treasure of our city; our fountains! It all started with exploring and getting lost in the city by visiting as many fountains as I could fit in one day. From there, I invited friends and family to share in my joy and love of these beautiful creations. They say you’ll never work a day in your life if you are doing what you love!

Kansas City Fountain Tours is a fountain-focused tour company designed to showcase and share the rich fountain heritage of the city with KC residents and tourists. Our mission is to promote pride, knowledge, and excitement in Kansas City’s rich fountain culture. We also partner with and advocate for small local Kansas City businesses to support and boost sustainability for the region.

Each tour has been carefully designed to include at least 4 fountain stops where our guests will learn about the history, a few fun, quirky facts, and have the opportunity to take some great fountain shots with friends and family. Along the way, small local businesses are given shout-outs and a stop at one of these unique small businesses is included to discover, browse, and shop.

We love and believe in our city – our Fountain Tours are designed to instill pride and admiration for this amazing City of Fountains. Come join us, you’ll be so glad you did!

By the way, isn’t SHE a beauty? This glorious fountain is called the Muse of the Missouri and is included in our KC Streetcar Fountain Tour!