Best of Kansas City’s Fountains

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Here is the definitive list of the Best of Kansas City’s Fountains! 

Kansas City is most definitely the City of Fountains!  With over 200+ fountains (second in the world to Rome, Italy) there is a fountain to match every mood, feeling, or activity.  We’ve splashed around Kansas City to gather a list of some of the Best of Kansas City’s Fountains.

Most Emotional & Moving Fountain – The Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial Fountain


Vietnam Memorial Fountain

The top tier of the Vietnam Memorial Fountain Just to the left of this pic is the name emblazed wall.

Located at 47th street & Broadway just blocks away from the Country Club Plaza; this stunning fountain emotes the American Journey in the Vietnam War.  The five pools of water represent the American involvement in that conflict; from the smallest at one end where there are only small streams flowing into two separate sections representing the division in America about whether we should be fighting or not – all leading up towards larger sizes which reflect greater amounts of opinion within society overall. The water is a representation of time with healing powers that can cleanse and heal the country’s wounds caused by this war. Don’t miss the semi-circular wall that lists the names of the 451 casualties from Kansas City.

Most Sprays – The Children’s Fountain

Children's Fountain

Water sprays galore at the Children’s Fountain in the Northland

Gracing the Northland since 1995, this delightful fountain depicts the joys of childhood. The 6 bronze children (Joy, Meeting Challenges, Ballerina, Soccer Player, Handstand Boy, and Girl Wading) seem to be engaged in a fun childhood game of “Follow the Leader” which brings out the joy in all who view it. The 100-horsepower pump recirculates and gushes 6000lbs of water per minute and the sprays, when the wind is just right, will cool down even the hottest visitor!

Best Photo Opp – The Fountain at Mill Creek (aka JC Nichols Fountain)

JC Nichols Horse

Bronze Horse representing the Mississippi River

If you’ve ever watched a live broadcast of a Home Chiefs or Royals game, the American Royal, or any other Kansas City event, most likely you’ll see drone footage of this iconic KC treasure.  Purchased by the Nichols family to honor the achievements of JC Nichols, the founder, and designer of the Country Club Plaza (as well as many other achievements) this beauty is viewed by more than 15 MILLION people per year!  The 10 ½ foot bronze horses, representing 4 major rivers of the world, coupled with the dynamic water action offer stunning photo opps.  I’m sure you have a pic of this fountain somewhere too!

Best Fountain for Quiet Reflection – The Laura Conyers Rose Garden Fountain at Loose Park

Laura Conyers Rose Garden Fountain

Sit on one of the benches situated around this gorgeous fountain to take in the entire view…roses, fountains, and the park.

Entering the Laura Conyers Rose Garden at Loose Park (51st & Wornall) is a treat for all your senses!  With more than 3,000 roses of 130 different varieties and a beautifully designed center fountain, you are sure to find some tranquility, beauty, and solace.  Pack a picnic and bring a book, even better!

Best Memorial Fountain – The Firefighter Memorial Fountain

Firefighter Memorial Fountain

With nozzles resembling fire hoses, the granite basins telling the story of KCFD to the aluminum wall, this one is a treasure.

Beginning as early as 1968, two attempts were made to build a fountain and monument to pay tribute to and memorialize KC’s finest.  Proving unsuccessful for a variety of reasons, it finally turned into full support by Kansas Citians after the tragic explosion of 1988 that took the lives of 6 of Kansas City’s brave first responders.  The bronze figures in the center of the fountain are extremely lifelike (their eyes feel like they are following you), the circular granite basins behind the fountain tell the story of the Kansas City Fire Department and the aluminum walls feature etched names of those who have fallen in the line of duty.  You can literally spend 45 minutes here – Literally!

Best Interactive Fountain – The Concourse Fountain

The Dog Days of Summer biting at your knee?  Head to the Concourse fountain at Benton Boulevard and St. John Avenue in George Kessler Park for all the splashing and playing your heart desires!  This fun and playful fountain has been a staple for the neighborhood since 2002 and you’ll likely see lots of kiddos playing through these awesome streams.  Don’t let the pics fool you though, that COLD water is pumping fast and you’ll come out drenched, trust me, but it’s a great way to explore the INSIDE of a fountain!

The Fanciest Fountain – The Henry Wollman Bloch Fountain

Henry Wollman Bloch Fountain

Check out that reflection of Union Station and the Fountain – WHOA – Super FANCY!

This stunning black marble mirror pool allows for the most unique and gorgeous reflections of the surrounding area, including Union Station, the Liberty Memorial, the trees, and even the fountain itself!  Given to the city from the family of H & R Block to honor the company’s founder, this fountain had high aspirations to “take Kansas City’s Fountains to a new level”. And Boy Howdy, has it!  Even cooler?  The same company that designed Las Vegas’ Bellagio Fountain designed this crown achievement for KC. We’re so FANCY!

Most Whimsical Fountain – The Frog Fountain at Zona Rosa

Frog Pond Fountain at Zona Rosa

Watch out for the 2 onery frogs off the side, they’ll get ya!

LOL, every time I think of this fountain, I giggle!  It’s such a fun and whimsical fountain!  Located in the Zona Rosa shopping center, this playful circle of frogs shoot water across the basin and even across the circular path around it, so don’t get sprayed.  Or even better, take your kids and make a fun game out of it!

Best Waterfall – Carl J Dicapo Fountain

What’s not to love about this gorgeous beauty?!  Located on Cliff Drive off Gladstone in the north end of Kessler Park, you’ll need to walk about 7 minutes to experience this gorgeous waterfall. The “fountain” is an artificial creation that has the appearance of nature. It’s located where historically significant Scarritt Spring once flowed, and it features a multi-tiered limestone waterfall with concrete pools at various levels below ground level as well on top for visitors to enjoy! A pump system recirculates water through this structure so it always stays cool despite being bathed in sunny weather most of the day!

And there ya have it!  Our picks for the Best of Kansas City’s Fountains!  What do you think?

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