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The best walking tour in Kansas city is

The Country Club Plaza Walking Tour

A breathtaking, up close and personal way to see and feel the beauty of these KC Treasures

Kansas City proudly hosts a unique and beautiful shopping and dining experience like no other in the world; the Country Club Plaza!  But it’s also home to some of the oldest and most valuable fountains in the world – some over 300 years old!  This exciting 90-minute walking tour takes you through a passage of time and beauty. Experience the timeless treasures of marble from Italy, the distinctive journeys of these exquisite fountains, and surround yourself with the sights and sounds that only Kansas City’s Plaza has to offer!

Why You'll Love this Tour

Learn the History

Stroll through this world-renowned outdoor shopping center while learning the rich history and backstory of each of its magnificent fountains.

Soak up the Sprays

Get up-close & personal and feel the water sprays of these beauties as you stand alongside and imagine the journeys each of these fountains has taken.

Photo Opp is HIGH

The Plaza foundations are some of the oldest & most unique in the world. Each fountain stop includes a "best location" for a photo opp with your tour companions.

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