kansas city fountain tours

The Most fun way to spend the day with your people is

Customized Private Fountain Tour

Gather your friends, family, workmates or a fun group of any kind and create your own private fountain tour. 

Our private tours are completely customizable to fit your fountain fandom desires and there are so many options to create just for you and your group!  A private tour is a perfect opportunity to show off Kansas City to your visiting family or friends, a Girl’s Day, a class field trip, a special celebration, a workmate team-building activity, or any fountain hunting hungry group! First time visiting Kansas City?  Even better! The sky is truly the limit!

Why You'll Love this Tour

Gather Your People

Groups can take many forms; workmates, classmates, family, friends, or special celebrations. Any group you belong to can enjoy a day out in the sunshine exploring and learning all about KC's great fountains.

Plan your Outing

Deciding which way your fountain adventure will take your group is part of the excitement. We'll work with you to design an exciting tour that meets whatever kind of experience you and your group are looking for.

Create your Memories

Your own customized fountain tour with your group is just plain fun! It encourages togetherness, shared experiences and lasting memories, plus you'll have the pictures to prove how much you enjoyed the fountains.

Tour Details