A great way to explore on your own is

Drive Your Own Tour

Pile in the car with your favorite people and go explore on your own

Join us on an unforgettable journey as you embark on a self-guided fountain tour that delves into the rich history and poignant significance of the War Memorial Fountains in Kansas City.

This Drive Your Own Tour allows you to explore SIX beautiful War Memorial Fountains at your own pace, each representing a unique aspect of Kansas City’s deep-rooted connection to war and Kansas Citian’s contributions and sacrifices to the war efforts, providing an overall immersive experience filled with knowledge and discovery.

Additionally, you’ll be provided with additional links to deepen your understanding. We highly encourag you to explore further and learn with your group or on your own.

If you are in the mood to get out and about with your favorite people and you love to just meander and go with the flow, then this DRIVE YOUR OWN tour option is definitely for you!  This extensive tour comes with informative content (as a downloadable PDF) and location information for each fountain showcased on the tour.  Try it out!  Fountain Hunting in KC is such a great way to see Kansas City! 

Why You'll Love this Tour

Fun with your Fav People

Creating experiences is what KC Fountain Tours is all about, so gather up your favorite people and go Fountain Hunting together.

War Mother's Memorial Fountain Blue Star

Hunt at Your Own Pace

We've provided you with the info and you've made the time, so take as long as you want or whiz through the tour - it's completely up to you and your group.

Liberty Memorial Fountain Entrance 1

Tour Details


Per Car – $15

Tour Time

The entire tour can be accomplished in aproximately 3 hours or you can zip through it in about an hour.  It’s completely up to you!

Meeting Point & Parking

Wherever you are is where you’ll meet!

What to Bring

Snacks, your friends, and your fully charged mobile device.